Commemoration of 100 years of the Armenian Genocide in Paris France

Impressive,complete and interesting exhibition at the Hotel de Ville in Paris France.
Many informations, pictures, objects, books, movies about the Armenian Genocide at the city hall in Paris. from 29th of April to the 4th of July 2015. free entrance.

In this article you can see 130 pictures from this exhibitions in chronological order.





At the turn of the twentieth century the Armenians were mainly concentrated in the six eastern provinces (Ottoman Empire, in the vilayets of Sivas, Erzurum, Van, Diyarbekir, Bitlis and Kharpert the ancient Armenian land, as well as to Constantinople and the main cities of Anatolia. the majority of them are established in rural and traditional life patriarchal, characterized by a complex cohabitation with the semi-nomadic Kurdish populations recently settled. Armenians were educated entrepreneurs and lived a modern life . it is this living world that will suffer mass killings and see their belongings gradually despoiled, triggering a massive migration stream before being definitively eradicated in 1915 .


Sourp Garabed monastery from Kayser. Picture from Hray Baze. Venice Mekhitaristes.


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